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Most children are born devoid of teeth in their mouth. Over the course of their first two years, up to 20 primary teeth will start to emerge from their periodontal tissues. The first teeth tend to appear around four to six months old. The American Dental Association recommends that you schedule their first dental checkup at some point in their first year of life.

Thoughtful timing when scheduling their first dental exam might help ease their tension. A morning appointment or one scheduled shortly after their usual afternoon nap time might help them maintain a calm mood. While you might feel anxious during the appointment it’s important for you to keep your attitude light and positive. Your child might tune into your emotions to help reduce their own stress level.

During the appointment, Dr. Sapan Parikh can answer any questions you might have about the health and development of your child’s mouth. The teething process can sometimes be stressful. Some simple tips can help prepare you to minimize their discomfort and ease the process of their emergent primary teeth.

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