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Dr. Sapan Parikh belongs to of the American Dental Association, or the ADA. This is the most prevalent organization of dentists in the entire United States. Joining this organization means that Dr. Sapan Parikh has signed the ADA Code of Ethics, covering five pledges detailing the kind of treatment we strive to offer at Platinum Dental Group. Here are those pledges with a short explanation of each:

-Respect a Patient’s Needs and Wants: You have the right to understand and choose the best course of treatment for your mouth. That’s why Dr. Sapan Parikh and our caring staff pledge to keep you up to date and involved in the best choices for you.

-Do No Harm: Platinum Dental Group pledges to stay away from risky or harmful dental practices.

-Do Good: Not only do we want to do no harm, but we want to do good. In fact, we want offer first-rate and timely treatment. That’s why Dr. Sapan Parikh takes continuing education courses about the best treatments for your teeth. When the treatment you need goes beyond the scope of our practice, we will refer you to a specialist to make sure you get the best care.

-Be Fair: Platinum Dental Group does not discriminate. We strive to treat all patients equally and to help you feel welcome regardless of your race, religion, ethnicity, state of health, or social class.

-Be Truthful: Dr. Sapan Parikh and our staff will be open and honest with you about any diagnoses or treatment plans.

We do our best every day to make a difference in the quality of our patients’ smiles and lives. You can have trust us to do our job well. If you live in or near Somerset, New Jersey and have a query about your oral health, please give us a ring at 732-828-0606 to book a consultation. We’re here to get your best smile yet!