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Bacteria is everywhere and no more prevalent than in a person’s mouth; when that bacteria makes a home in a patient’s mouth, you can end up with a condition called periodontal disease, an inflammatory condition that can destroy your gums, the tissue holding your teeth, and maybe even your bones.

For patients with a health condition, such as diabetes, it can aggravate the disease. Having poor blood sugar control increases the risk of gum disease. Infections can also cause blood sugar to rise, which makes it harder to control, due to an increased susceptibility to infections. You may even have less ability to fight bacteria.

At Platinum Dental Group, we can help you fight diabetes, with a good oral hygiene routine and getting professional dental cleanings. Dr. Sapan Parikh may recommend treatment for gum disease, which may, in return, control diabetes. Regular oral care can even decrease the progression. Here are some tools to help you achieve optimal dental wellness:

-See your dentist for regular checkups, which may include dental cleanings, X-rays, exams, and specialized treatment
-Control your diabetes by taking your medication, eating right, and exercising, along with preventing or treating gum problems
-Avoid smoking
-Brush twice daily with a soft brush and floss correctly
-Clean any denture you wear, daily

These steps can help both diabetes and gum disease. If diabetes is left untreated, it can create a whole host of dental problems, besides gum disease, so please call the dentist to learn more the association between gum disease and diabetes from our dental office in Somerset, New Jersey. You can reach us at 732-828-0606.