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Accidents can happen to any of us, and some can cause a tooth to fall out. Our dentist may be able to save such a tooth and put it back into the socket. You can help the dentist and yourself out though. If you apply the following methods, you can boost the tooth’s odds of being saved.

– Whenever you hold the tooth, pick it up by the crown instead of the roots. The roots are delicate and they can be damaged if you touch them.

– Using water or milk, you can rinse dirt of the tooth.

– After that, you can carefully try to place it back in the socket. Often, it can settle back in easily. If it does not, do not try to force it in. There are other options you can use to carry the tooth.

– You can try holding it between your gums and your cheek. Carrying it in a glass of milk or water can also work, though milk may be more preferable than water. Keeping it moist is important, and any of these choices can do that.

The quicker you can get to our office, the better the chances that Dr. Sapan Parikh can save the tooth. You can find our office, Platinum Dental Group, here in Somerset, New Jersey, if you would like our help with a knocked-out tooth or any other issue. We work hard to help your smile look and feel good. To call us, do not hesitate to dial 732-828-0606.